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I am a lefty. I write vertically, cannot use can-openers and was recently foiled by a right handed ladle (I will have my vengeance...) but more than this, I generally seem to approach life from a different angle. I appreciate that this may have nothing to do with being a lefty and may just be my own dysfunctionallity, but after earning the nickname 'Lefty-Flip' after a frustrating game of Guitar Hero, it seemed an appropriate title for this blog.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Best laid plans...

I had such good intentions of blogging this week.

I had good intentions for many things, including saving my Easter egg for the weekend at least…

The egg was demolished three days ago, along with any other plans for an organised and productive week!
Once again chaos rules over my life, but it is the chaos that pays my bills so I will try not to complain too much.

Looking forward to a very long, and hopefully much calmer weekend, in which my only plans are this

-         To finish reading Garth Nix’s Lord Sunday
-         To catch up on half a series worth of America’s Next Top Model (Hey don’t judge me till you’ve watched it yourself!)
-         To watch as much Big Bang Theory as E4 will provide
-         To write. Lots. Into the wee hours of the morning by torchlight.
-         Oh, and also tattoo number 6 is booked in for tomorrow afternoon… seeing as it’s my first literary tattoo it might make an appearance on here sometime next week…

Well that is it for now, have a lovely Easter everyone!


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