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I am a lefty. I write vertically, cannot use can-openers and was recently foiled by a right handed ladle (I will have my vengeance...) but more than this, I generally seem to approach life from a different angle. I appreciate that this may have nothing to do with being a lefty and may just be my own dysfunctionallity, but after earning the nickname 'Lefty-Flip' after a frustrating game of Guitar Hero, it seemed an appropriate title for this blog.

Friday, 20 April 2012

One for the ''Grammar'' Police

Thought I’d bring a little fun this Friday! It has been pointed out recently that I am somewhat pedantic when it comes to grammar… And not even the mighty Take That are above scrutiny – I shake my head every time I hear The Flood… There was more of them than us …There were Gary!!! There were!!!!!
Hell’s bells.

Where was I? Oh yes – a bit of fun! There are oodles of blogs and websites out there ridiculing the apostrophically challenged and spelling–inept, but this week I stumbled upon something new, something I’d actually never given much thought to before; The inappropriate use of quotation marks.

As in…

Mmmm… it’s ‘sushi…’ sounds ‘delicious’

This one had me laughing out loud at my desk, not just for the quotation marks but the final line…

Police do be out!!!!!!  Yes they do!

This one might not belong on the blog as I fail to see the misuse…


And finally, one so baffling I don’t even know where to begin! I just know I want one of these on my wall!

These all come courtesy of the ''Blog'' of ''Unnecessary'' Quotation marks by Bethany Keeley. I urge you all to go take a peek for yourselves, as the blog comments are as entertaining as the pictures!

Thanks for the laughs this week Bethany!!!!

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