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I am a lefty. I write vertically, cannot use can-openers and was recently foiled by a right handed ladle (I will have my vengeance...) but more than this, I generally seem to approach life from a different angle. I appreciate that this may have nothing to do with being a lefty and may just be my own dysfunctionallity, but after earning the nickname 'Lefty-Flip' after a frustrating game of Guitar Hero, it seemed an appropriate title for this blog.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Happy Birthday!

This weekend marked this blog’s first birthday! Hurrah!

Have cake.

Due to an accidental spike in popularity I have now passed 3000 hits! Hurrah again!

Which prompted me to have a look through the rest of my stats…

Most popular posts have been…

And in the number one spot?

1)  2000 Hits This is simultaneously funny and tragic! Seriously, a fluke takes the top spot? Gah! I have got to sort this blog out!!!

Top searches that cause google to spit out this blog are:

2000, Post-its (ha ha ha!) Hogwarts (but of course) and my personal favourite ‘Giant Ursula’

Outside of the bloggersphere, other things that have happened in the past year include me moving house, losing a cat, and doubling the number of tattoos I have (four new ones this year! Four! And all of them literary references… hmmm, I think I have a theme for my next post…)

And more importantly, after various mishaps, re-writes, playlists, paintings, mud pies and writing in the bath... I am about to start on my fourth (how near is this to being the final?) draft of this blasted book! Which I love really, and am very excited to finish.

So there you have it. What I did this year!

More soon...


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